The IBEN Fund focuses on :

  • An active engagement to stress the importance of the first 1000 days – a period that is crucial in brain development and disorders;
  • Help the formation of parents and teachers on the complexity of taking care of children with ASD through conferences and practical training;
  • Organize scientific meetings on these topics.

Formation of careholders and volunteer teachers

Training teachers and careholders on the ABA and other psycho-educative techniques in order to facilitate their interventions with children with ASD.

Association loi 1901
ABA Shoshin, aid up to 50,000 euros over 2 years

Formation of parents on critical analysis of informations

Parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders received a training on analysis of a clinical trial and information on vaccins by the association Tous Chercheurs.

Association loi 1901
Tous Chercheurs, aid up to 10,000 euros

Financing an MD on a stage on Cytomegalovirus

This stage in an expert lab on CMV was aimed at studying the mecanisms linking CMV and ASD .

aid up to 10,000 euros